I can do a hat trick!

Not really, but that’s what Leah calls selling a lot of dresses in one day. :] So today at work I sold 3 different girls, 3 different dresses! Plus misc. other things, but I have never sold more than 1 dress in a day! Go me : ]

One Response to “I can do a hat trick!”
  1. Becky says:

    You go girl! haha that is really awesome though Kesh! You sell the crap out of those dresses!

    I love your little blog! Blog’s are fun :D I am going to add you to my blog list right now!

    Love you
    & ps.
    where should we go to dinner for the bachelorette party this saturday? I have no idea where, were thinking somewhere in ashland maybe. Hmmm. let me know if you have any ideas!

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