The world has color!


Glasses-no more!

Glasses-no more!

So the past few days I have felt like a new person. After having my Lasik done, I feel like I have been missing out on so many things. When I wake up in the morning, I can see, when I look out the window, I can see the trees in the mountains, miles and miles away, when I get in bed and turn out the lights, I can still see. Taylor keeps making fun of me because every couple hours he can hear me say, “I can see!”. He thinks I am kidding or over-exaggerating, but that is not the case. Every few hours I see something I haven’t seen before, or realize something else I don’t have to be bothered with about my glasses. I am so amazed at how a laser can be pointed at my eye for a few seconds, thus fixing my whole outlook on life. Doctors amaze me, whoever invented Lasik, dumbfounds me, the Lord, who I feel restored my vision, bewilders me. I can’t believe I have waited so long to do this, it has made a serious impact on my life over only a few days. What a blessing I have that I could get this done, and what a supportive husband I have to encourage me, and support me in doing this. I went to the doctor the day after my procedure and she said I have 20/15 vision, better than 20/20. I am excited that I will be able to wear headbands whenever I like (glasses got in the way behind my ears), I am so excited that when I go running my glasses don’t fall down, I am thrilled that every day I won’t have to worry about contacts or glasses. What a blessing! :]

One Response to “The world has color!”
  1. MOH says:

    I love you Keshie! I am SO happy that everything went so well.

    YOU CAN SEE!!!!!!!

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