Florida here I come!

     On July 18th Taylor and I will be flying to Florida! Since Taylor moved here 9 years ago he hasn’t been back, and I’ve never been. We will be there for a week! I am so excited to hopefully get lots of good pictures and to see where my husband grew up! I really hope we find a way to go to Disney World while we are there!

     This weekend we are also going to the coast with my cousins to see the firework show over the ocean! I heard about it a few years ago and I have always wanted to go but never had a chance. This year it worked out and I’m so excited!

     I just got my new lens for my new camera so I am ready to take your picture! I really want to get my business off the ground so I can be a stay at home mom while still helping my husband pay bills!

     Speaking of my husband, did I mention I have the best one? He is so good to me and Danika. Yesterday he left the house at 6:30 am for work, worked until 3:30, then went to a different job and worked there until 6 pm. So I knew he was really exhausted! After all of that, when he walked in the door he had two presents in hand! He had gone to target and picked out a dress he thought I might like and bought Dani some shoes she kept begging for and some gum. :) I was so overwhelmed with joy! I must be doing something right for him to love me like he does!

     I’m so thankful for the blessings the Lord has given us. When I lost my job I thought for sure we were going to drown. Instead we have trusted that the Lord will provide and he has! He has given us the money to pay all our bills and more! After these 4 precious years with Danika, I’ve realized I don’t love her because of all the things she does, but I love her because she is mine and she doesn’t have to do anything to get my love. That’s how the Lord loves me. It’s not because of how I act, but because I am his. I constantly have to remind myself of that. It blesses my heart when she exceeds my expectations, but I’m not mad at her when she makes mistakes, I know she will learn from them. That’s exactly how the Lord feels. 

     Anyways, I hope I shared something that someone needed to hear :)


My dress my husband got me from Target :)

My dress my husband got me from Target :)


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