What I’m Thankful for:

So I thought it fitting to tell/show you all what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday: Advertisements

Kyah & Alex:

Oh my goodness! These girls were absolutely stunning to photograph. Their eyes are amazing and they were dressed so cute! We went out to Jacksonville and enjoyed the sun! Finally! Here’s some wonderful pictures of two amazing girls!

Amanda and Grady:

Today I got to take pictures of the lovely Amanda and her son Grady. I love photographing kids, they always make it interesting! They never sit still for more than 3 seconds! Oh well, I got some fun shots! Here they are!

Robin Rasmussen’s Wedding:

Recently, one of my best friends in the whole world got married! She had her gorgeous wedding at the Ashland Springs Hotel and it really did turn out beautifully. She was a maid-of-honor in my wedding, and this time I was was the matron-of-honor in hers! Since I had a lot of duties, I didn’t … Continue reading


Today I had a shoot with an awesome senior named Tabitha. She was a great model and was so sweet to do everything I asked! We headed out towards Ashland, again! There is a house out there I just absolutely love, and I can’t help but be drawn towards it. Anyways, here they are :)