Meet my baby, Ezekiel Tate Morgan!

On March 9th I gave birth to a BIG bundle of joy! And by big, I mean 9 lbs. 11 oz.! He is beautiful and healthy and growing VERY quickly! He is already around 21 lbs. for only 3.5 months! He is so sweet, and my husband is such a great father to both our kids. I’m so thankful for all the love I have around me, especially in my house! Thank you Jesus for my babies! Now here are a few pictures of “squeekie Zekie”, “Zekester”, “Zekerman”, “the big E-Z”, etc..

Look at his beautiful lips and eyes!

Just waking up

so cute!

...and this one just for kicks!

One Response to “Meet my baby, Ezekiel Tate Morgan!”
  1. Andrew says:

    amazing! i love the photos and the love you share about your family!

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