Things she says:

So I decided I’m going to start posting random things that Danika says so I can have her funny things documented. I love the way little kids think. :) Ok so here is the first one! She walks in and says, “Mom, my ear hurts, are you a ‘back of the ear expert?’” Ha! Funny … Continue reading

Two Realizations:

First realization: So yesterday I was driving around town, stressing out about the normal things; how we are going to pay our car insurance, how we aren’t saving the money we need to be when we move out in October, how to keep bad influences out of Danika’s life, how am I going to find … Continue reading

4th of July:

I had a blast hanging out with friends this past Independence Day hanging out with friends while my husband was out of town. My children were behaving for the most part, which is always nice! I just thought I would post 2 of my favorite pictures of the day. Well, I still have to develop … Continue reading