4th of July:

I had a blast hanging out with friends this past Independence Day hanging out with friends while my husband was out of town. My children were behaving for the most part, which is always nice! I just thought I would post 2 of my favorite pictures of the day. Well, I still have to develop some film from my other camera, so I could potentially have more favorites! I’ll work on that tomorrow. But for now, I’ll leave you with my two sweet children. The first picture is of Danika pulling the string of one of those fireworks that pops out confetti. Her face is priceless, and I laughed for a while when I first got the image onto my computer! The second picture is of Catrina holding 4 month old baby Ezekiel. He’s so sweet, I love having a baby around the house! (Most of the time ;)

Danika firework

Popping Firework


Baby Zeke, almost 4 months

My babies mean the world to me, even when I have no more patience left!

2 Responses to “4th of July:”
  1. Robin Opal says:

    Okay, the picture of Danika is amazing and the kid in the background looks like he is in a deep state of worship! hahaha I love you!!

  2. Carly Miller-Werben says:

    Kesh, you are wonderful! I love you and your family so much!

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