Myles & Ana:

Here is a peak for you two! Even though it’s 3 am, I told you I would get one on here so here are two! :)

Oops, Travis and Amelia Part III:

I forgot one!

Travis and Amelia Part II:

So this cute couple have been dating for 5 years! We did a celebratory shoot right as the sun was setting. We are lucky we even got any pictures because I told Travis that we were changing plans and he didn’t get my message and drove all the way to Ashland when I thought we … Continue reading

Travis and Amelia Part I:

Teaser :)

Desmond Abbott:

This is my friend’s son :) The little stinker wouldn’t sleep more then 10 minutes! I think it’s karma because when Amanda did Zeke’s pictures, he did the same thing! This is my first run at newborn photo’s and I do have to say they turned out wonderfully! Definitely harder then I expected it to … Continue reading