Danika’s 5th birthday shoot:

Monday, August 9th was a great day! It was Danika’s 5th birthday and lucky for her she stayed the night at Grammy’s the night before, so she went with Gram’s to breakfast and then got dropped off. Then we all spent the whole day together (daddy even stayed home from work) and we celebrated with lunch at Red Robin. They brought her an ice cream sunday but didn’t sing to her, which kind of made her sad, next year I’ll specify that she wants a song! Then she had swim lessons, her favorite part of the week! She even counts down the days. After that, spur of the moment I asked her if I could take some pictures of her and she reluctantly agreed, although I must admit I bribed her with a milkshake! She finished off her special birthday by staying the night at Auntie Risha’s and Uncle Cho’s (it’s Troy, but before she could say it right she used to say Cho, so now that’s his name weather he likes it or not!). I think it was a good day! So here are a few pictures of our mini shoot! And by mini I do mean small! She promised before hand that she would do really good and pose for me, but not much of that happened, we weren’t out there for very long! This cat kept following her and she loves animals, so I had to pretty much crop the cat out of a bunch of images! haha :) But these are the ones I managed to squeeze out of her! Enjoy!

Does Danika look like The Little Mermaid in this picture?!

and this would be the cat the forced it’s way into half my pictures! haha

One Response to “Danika’s 5th birthday shoot:”
  1. Lacie says:

    Kesh!!! These are soooo beautiful!!! She is gorgeous. She looks like you in some, Sharaya in some, and in the black and white towards the bottom she looks like your mom.

    These are great!

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