Yard Saling:

So Today Danika and I went Yard Saling in the city wide sale in Jacksonville. At first I really didn’t want to haul her around with me but I am so glad I did! We had so much fun. She started with $5.00 and by the end of the day she had a pile of stuff and still $1.50 ish left over. I taught her to haggle! haha :) But today I saw a side of her that I haven’t seen for a while. She was quiet and shy. The rule was she could only get one thing from each yard sale and it was so cute seeing what she picked out. Not that I was too excited to adding more junk to her piles of toys, but it was a fun way for us to spend some time together. Then to hear her in the backseat talking with the little dolls was precious. Most of the time when we are home, Danika is loud and bossy and a little wild. She makes my nerves ware thin and sometimes I have to just sit on the floor in the bathroom just to get some peace and quiet! But today was refreshing. Normally she is so independent, but today for some reason she was just very timid. Maybe it was because she has never really been to yard sales, or maybe it was because she was embarrassed that she didn’t really know how how to count her money. It took a lot of explaining for me to tell her that 10 cents is less then $5.00, haha! But anyways, we went to probably 15 yard sales and this is how it typically went: Danika- “Oh mom I want this thing.” Me-“Ok, ask them how much it is.” Danika- (walking very slowly and lightly with a very quiet little mousy voice) “How much is this?” (Then they would tell her, and then I would whisper in her ear, “ask them if they’ll take 25 cents instead of 50 cents”). “Will you take 25 cents instead?” haha! It was SO cute! Then her pulled out her wad of dollars and random change was so sweet, then looking at me to help her count. I can’t really explain how I felt, I guess she just seemed more vulnerable then normal, really needing my help. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day of just us two together, it doesn’t happen as often anymore, and I am so thankful to be reminded of just how unique she is. There are so many reasons I love her. Now back to the real reason I wrote this post, I wanted to share a few pictures of things I found! I got some good stuff, and I would have only spent $7.50 had I not bought a sewing machine at the last stop. And I’ll have to post pictures of Danika’s stuff later, I forgot to take pictures of them today! Here is my stuff!

Building Blocks:

The board game Trouble:

A VINTAGE sleeping bag/blanket (it’s so cute but I have yet to figure out exactly how the buttons go together.. )

Adorable vintage coat hangers:

And a sewing machine!:

and I just realized I forgot to take a picture of some rubber stamps that I got, but oh well! :)


2 Responses to “Yard Saling:”
  1. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Everytime I read things that you write, I shed tears… You have blessed my soul honey, being the Mommy that you are to your adorable children. Your words always take me back to memories of you! I just can’t remember if you were ever timid though!!! I love watching you step into Motherhood, you wear it so beautifully! I love you…

  2. Sarah fay says:

    I love your stories- they always make me teary eyed cuz I miss being there with u watching Danika grow up!!! And now zeke too :'(

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