My funny daughter:

At a birthday party in a goody bag Danika received one of those washcloths that’s compacted into a square and the way to expand it is to stick it in a tub of hot water and play with it. The sticker on the packaging said it was a “Magic Towel” so when Danika asked what it was, that’s what I told her what it said. She was so excited to play with it, but I told her I would do it with her after dinner. So fast forward, I had already tucked her into bed when she ran into the room I was in and reminded me that we forgot to do the towel! ::face palm:: Ok Dani, let’s make this quick. We start soaking it in the hot water and she just looks at it, then looks at me, obviously disappointed. “What does it do mom?” “Well, the water makes it melt into the washcloth.” “Oh, I thought it was going to float in the air!” HAHA! :)

One Response to “My funny daughter:”
  1. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I wish I could make it float in the air for her! I hope you keep posting these, we enjoy every word you write!

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