Valentine’s Day Mini Session:

I am so excited to be offering this mini session! I have already got started on adorable crafts and props, including all sorts of hearts because, well, hearts are my favorite thing! For those of you that are thinking, “What the heck is a mini session!?”, well let me explain: In a normal session I … Continue reading

Beautiful Bride:

Isn’t my best friend beautiful? Just a few pictures from her wedding a year and a half ago, I was her MOH so I only got a few :)

Savannah, Part II

Since we ran out of light the first day, we decided to meet up and get some more pictures the next day. The light was gorgeous and golden, and the sun was right where I wanted it to be! The images at the very end were my favorite! :)  

Savannah, Ashland High School, Part I

We were losing light much quicker than I had expected. We had both been running a little bit behind and the sun set much fast than the night before. I knew that I didn’t have much time to get the shots I wanted, so I had to work quickly! Luckily for me, Savannah should be … Continue reading

Lindsay Caldwell, Senior

As we pulled off onto a dusty country road, the sky was lit a beautiful shade of pink, and with a barn on either side of us, I knew it would turn into a stunning session. Meeting Lindsay for the first time I could just tell she had a fire for life. She was constantly … Continue reading