Ashley and Dylan, Engagement:

How can I describe Ashley? She is super outgoing, has so many friends, and is so full of laughter! She is hard to miss and loved by all! I did a mini engagement session with her and her fiance Dylan. They have been together for 4 years and recently got engaged! I am so happy for them, they deserve the best! Ash: I am so thankful to have your sweet self as a friend, I am so happy for you!

3 Responses to “Ashley and Dylan, Engagement:”
  1. Linsey says:

    Beautiful, I love them all! The one of her laughing and him smiling at her laughter is my favorite, but they are all gorgeous!

  2. April says:

    Aww… I love the way they look at each other (and her super-cute shirt, gotta say it)!
    Nice shots Nakesha!

  3. It is so cool to have just met them and then see them captured in these pictures… What an adorable couple!!! Good job Kesh…

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