Who I am and what I believe in

-I believe in kindness. Always, all the time.

-I believe that anything worth doing is going to be hard.

-I believe that the people in my home are what make life worth living.

-I believe that everyone is a photographer, some professional, some not. But everybody likes taking pictures.

-I believe in sharing knowledge, and not putting others down for wanting to learn.

-I believe that when you say your sorry, you should mean it, and stop making the same mistakes.

-I believe that if you want more friends, you need to be a friend.

-I believe in being honest, 100% of the time, without stretching the truth.

-I believe when you want to make people feel small, it’s because you feel small.

-I believe that people want to make good decisions, but bad habits die hard.

-I believe you should know a little about a lot of things, but everything about one thing.

-I believe that you can have more than 1 best friend.

-I believe that when somebody shows you their true colors, you shouldn’t make them prove it to you.

-I believe that life isn’t complete without children.

-I believe children make you a little insane sometimes.

-I believe you aren’t who you are in your worst moment, but how you handle yourself after.

-I believe in forgiveness, even though sometimes hard and painful.

-I believe you should always wish someone the best, even when it hurts.

-I believe some people never change.

-I believe there are more people out there that deserve a second chance.

I believe in compliments.

-I believe your kids won’t remember your messy house, but the time you spent with them.

-I believe I have the most insane dog alive, but I know he will always protect and love my kids.

-I believe boys will always be boys. Including but not limited to poop, nose picking, stickiness, etc…

-I believe that girls love to twirl in dresses, put on make up, and play in the mud.

-I believe your children are who they are in spite of how you raise them.

-I believe God loves me just the way I am, even though I don’t understand it.

-I believe that husbands would rather have a a relaxed wife then spotless floors.

-I believe that no one ever died from laundry coming out their ears.

-I believe in a good TWSS joke.

-I believe in bending over backwards to help family and friends. If they didn’t need help, they wouldn’t ask.

-I believe you have to copy stuff before you can become original.

-I believe that nobody thinks you are as cool as you think you are except maybe your mother.

-I believe that husbands should help around the house

-I believe that to deserve something new, you should appreciate what you already have.

One Response to “Beliefs:”
  1. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I do believe that you are a very cool daughter! But what is a TWSS joke? I love your insights on life baby girl… Always judge by results, often harsh but always true… I believe that our children mold us into better people, no matter how hard it is to listen to them!!! Keep writing & sharing your gifts with us!!! I adore you…

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