Green Eggs and Ham:

So on March 2nd it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. My babies and I celebrated by making green eggs and ham! Zeke didn’t care about the color, he just wanted food, ASAP. Danika acted like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever eaten! As if they tasted any different than normal eggs. What a … Continue reading

A few previews…

From the Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions! These are my favorite’s from each :)    


Did I mention this will be the location for the Valentine’s Day Mini Session? So excited!  

Myles & Ana:

Here is a peak for you two! Even though it’s 3 am, I told you I would get one on here so here are two! :)

Desmond Abbott:

This is my friend’s son :) The little stinker wouldn’t sleep more then 10 minutes! I think it’s karma because when Amanda did Zeke’s pictures, he did the same thing! This is my first run at newborn photo’s and I do have to say they turned out wonderfully! Definitely harder then I expected it to … Continue reading