Green Eggs and Ham:

So on March 2nd it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. My babies and I celebrated by making green eggs and ham! Zeke didn’t care about the color, he just wanted food, ASAP. Danika acted like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever eaten! As if they tasted any different than normal eggs. What a … Continue reading

Picture of anything:

Danika- “Mom, at school today the teacher said we could draw a picture of anything, so I drew a picture of you.” Have you ever heard something so sweet?

Cotton Candy:

My daughter just asked me if Cotton Candy is made from sheep :)

My funny daughter:

At a birthday party in a goody bag Danika received one of those washcloths that’s compacted into a square and the way to expand it is to stick it in a tub of hot water and play with it. The sticker on the packaging said it was a “Magic Towel” so when Danika asked what … Continue reading

Yard Saling:

So Today Danika and I went Yard Saling in the city wide sale in Jacksonville. At first I really didn’t want to haul her around with me but I am so glad I did! We had so much fun. She started with $5.00 and by the end of the day she had a pile of … Continue reading