A few previews…

From the Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions! These are my favorite’s from each :)    


Did I mention this will be the location for the Valentine’s Day Mini Session? So excited!  

Amanda and Grady:

Today I got to take pictures of the lovely Amanda and her son Grady. I love photographing kids, they always make it interesting! They never sit still for more than 3 seconds! Oh well, I got some fun shots! Here they are!

Catrina & Jamus:

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph my cousin and his family! We went out by Ashland and sadly the sun went away almost as soon as we got there. The two younger boys did such a great job for being outside where it was freezing! Here are a few pictures! Enjoy ;)

The Kammerzell’s:

So today I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the pastor that married us and his family! We had a good time trespassing into a field and finding different spots to shoot at. I love the way the pictures turned out, not to mention how awesome it was to photograph a great looking … Continue reading