Are you Pinterested?

A while back a blogger I follow posted about how she uses Pinterest to gather images and inspiration for upcoming photo shoots. I requested an invitation to join Pinterest and am now loving it! What you do is create pin boards and whenever you come across something inspirational, a DIY thing you want to do, … Continue reading

Green Eggs and Ham:

So on March 2nd it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. My babies and I celebrated by making green eggs and ham! Zeke didn’t care about the color, he just wanted food, ASAP. Danika acted like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever eaten! As if they tasted any different than normal eggs. What a … Continue reading

A boy is a boy:

One thing about my son that I know for sure, is that he is ALL boy. I wasn’t sure if I would notice a big difference with having a girl and a boy, but already, it is apparent. He has to be hitting things all. the. time. You pick him up, he slaps you, he … Continue reading

The Pillow:

The past few mornings when my husband leaves for work, I’ve been secretly stealing his pillow from him. I return it to his side every night and every morning after he gets up, I roll over and grab his pillow and throw mine on the floor. This morning he asked my why I keep taking … Continue reading

Ashley and Dylan, Engagement:

How can I describe Ashley? She is super outgoing, has so many friends, and is so full of laughter! She is hard to miss and loved by all! I did a mini engagement session with her and her fiance Dylan. They have been together for 4 years and recently got engaged! I am so happy … Continue reading