Who I am and what I believe in -I believe in kindness. Always, all the time. -I believe that anything worth doing is going to be hard. -I believe that the people in my home are what make life worth living. -I believe that everyone is a photographer, some professional, some not. But everybody likes … Continue reading

Are you Pinterested?

A while back a blogger I follow posted about how she uses Pinterest to gather images and inspiration for upcoming photo shoots. I requested an invitation to join Pinterest and am now loving it! What you do is create pin boards and whenever you come across something inspirational, a DIY thing you want to do, … Continue reading

The Pillow:

The past few mornings when my husband leaves for work, I’ve been secretly stealing his pillow from him. I return it to his side every night and every morning after he gets up, I roll over and grab his pillow and throw mine on the floor. This morning he asked my why I keep taking … Continue reading


When I was younger and I was going through my trials as a teenager, my mom told me something that I’ve thought about ever since. I think I had gone through a rift in a friendship and I was very upset about it. She told me that I was the kind of person who always … Continue reading


The night before last Danika and I went to the store for some Halloween cookie cutters and some candy apple supplies. As we were walking through the store, there were these 2 guys that I thought were probably on drugs so we steered clear of them. When we got in line to pay, they ended … Continue reading